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ARRIVAGE fulfiment center, warehousing, 3PL UAE

We facilitate merchants in expanding their presence across GCC ecommerce platforms through our specialized marketplace order fulfillment services. The primary ecommerce giants in the GCC, Amazon and Noon, are our focus. If you are seeking storage solutions and efficient delivery services for either these marketplaces or directly to customers, ARRIVAGE is your ideal partner.

Our operational capabilities extend to the storage and direct delivery of ecommerce orders originating from platforms like Amazon and Noon, either to end customers or to the respective fulfillment centers of Noon and Amazon. This streamlined approach aids in consolidating your inventory in a singular location.

Alternatively, merchants aiming to restock Amazon and Noon warehouses can leverage our marketplace replenishment service. In this scenario, we coordinate the bulk inventory preparation adhering to Amazon Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) and Noon Fulfilled By Noon (FBN) standards. Following the preparation, our couriers efficiently collect and transport these orders to either an Amazon fulfillment center or a Noon fulfillment center.




Our flexible pricing model at ARRIVAGE is designed to ensure that you are billed solely for the services you utilize. When it comes to storage, charges are based on the cubic meter space actively used on a monthly basis, allowing for month-to-month adjustments in response to your specific needs.

Concerning order preparation, our fees are customized to be cost-effective for ecommerce marketplace replenishment, particularly for larger and bulkier orders conducive to sending stock to Amazon FBA and Noon FBN warehouses. Recognizing that deliveries to Amazon and Noon fulfillment centers are typically more substantial, our aim is to enhance the profitability of managing these types of orders for you.

In terms of delivery, we prioritize collaboration with last-mile providers offering adaptable rates for both large and small shipments.


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