why selling Amazon FBA is better.

why selling Amazon FBA is better.

There are some great advantages to use FBA Amazon 

1. Prime Eligibility

On listing your products with FBA, you make yourself eligible to all the  subscribers of Amazon Prime. Prime customers buy more frequently, spend more money yearly, and make-up half of Amazon's customer base. Your products are also eligible for Amazon Prime free two-day shipping. With Amazon Prime, you are likely to sell more products as your listings are associated with Amazon, and therefore make more profits.

2. Buy Box Advantages

Many factors go into winning the Buy Box and fulfillment method is a big one. Sellers with FBA have higher chances of winning the Buy Box than non-FBA sellers. As you may know, the sellers with Buy Box have a greater potential of earning sales than other sellers on Amazon. Therefore, it is vital to win the Buy Box as often as possible and while there are other factors at play too, FBA is definitely a big one.

3. Fulfillment is done by Amazon’s Able Hands

As stated before, your orders are fulfilled by Amazon. It uses its state-of-the-art fulfillment and logistics network to process and ship your orders in time. Your inventory is systematically stored in its warehouses/fulfillment centers. With Amazon taking care of the logistics part of your business, you can focus on other crucial aspects.

4. Customer Service and Processing Returns

In addition to handling fulfillment for you, Amazon will also provide customer service for your products and process any returns that may arise in the process.

5. Higher Position in the Search Results

Sellers with FBA will have their listings displayed at a higher position in the search results. While it is not stated officially, it is common knowledge that fulfillment by Amazon is one of the major factors that go into Amazon SEO. This, in turn, translates into more exposure and higher sales.


Do you sell on FBA, if so what is the best advantages for you? 

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