sell on without a trade license : POSSIBLE

Do you rather pay up to 15'000AED+ for a UAE trade license or just a small commission per sale to sell on ?


Why using our services ? 

  • You arrived at a plateau stage on your amazon UAE's sales revenue and want to look for new routes to market?
  • You just want to 'test-drive' your product in the UAE market?
  • Are you seeking to invest your funds solely for the purpose in your stocks growth or pay yourself a salary ? 
Don't spend on fees that can be easily avoided by using our services ! Its very simple.


What makes noon different ?

The demographic profile of significantly differs from that of

Noon exhibits a high degree of localization compared to Amazon UAE, with a notable level of trust among Emirati customers, attributable to its inception by local entrepreneur Mr. Alabbar, the esteemed ex-CEO of Emaar Property Development.

Some relevant information:

( in 2022)

Amazon UAE



Number of Visitors per month

22 Millions 

17 Millions

Number of sellers 



Example of’s client success story :
Pan Emirates boost to x 3 their sales and 500% their online presence thanks to :


Ready to make the move ... and potentially make x2 of your current online sale? 

Our agreement is non-binding and may be terminated by either party at any time without incurring penalty fees for you. 



  1. Commission per item sold on the final sale price.
  2. Listing fee 
  3. Standard delivery fee to marketplace’s warehouse
  4. Removal fees (if any)


Payment terms:

  1. Payment transfer : Every 2 weeks to client’s bank account
  2. Amount : Must reach of minimum of 500AED, after fees deduction.
  3. Client’s bank account based outside UAE : 50AED / transfer, within UAE there is no fee. 


Seller’s Requirements: 

  1. Minimum of 2 SKUs
  2. Minimum of 5 units per SKU
  3. If item has no external packaging - each item must be packed in a clear bag and labelled with the selected marketplace product’s barecode
  4. For cosmetics - Must have expiry date of 1 year minimum


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