ARRIVAGE is helping Noon FBA seller for deliveries at Noon fulfillment center in DIP

ARRIVAGE for Noon FBN' s sellers.

As of 21 November 2021, ARRIVAGE, will now help Noon's FBN sellers for the delivery of their inventory to Noon's fulfillment center in Dubai. 


Step 1 : Finalise your Noon FBN's shipment. 

Step 2 : Place a shipment order at ARRIVAGE booking system :

When selecting " Noon FBN" in your address book for the drop off - please make sure that In "reference" section : your Noon shipment reference ID as per picture below.

Step 3 : Send us a screen shot of your Noon shipment confirmation
Step 4 : A payment link will be sent to your WhatsApp once your shipment has been processed for drop off.  

Step 5 : ARRIVAGE's driver will come to collect your box a day or two prior your Noon FBN's drop off date . 

Important Note

1. You need to have an ARRIVAGE's account. If you dont hold any, please send us an email to to create it.

  • In the subject email : please indicate  " account creation for FBN "
  • Please indicate which email & mobile number need to be used

2. Noon FBN and Amazon FBA shipment can not be combined in one ARRIVAGE shipment order.  One shipment = One marketplace.

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